International Women’s Day (IWD) is a global holiday recognizing issues that affect women today and celebrates the achievements of women around the world. The origin of IWD goes all the way back to 1908 when female laborers started campaigning for change in response to the oppression and inequality they experienced in the work place. Similar efforts by women in other countries started to pop up in Europe and International Women’s Day was born.

Today it is celebrated by women all around the world – each community putting on their own spin on the celebration, based on the issues women in that particular area face.  Things like domestic violence, sexual assault, child marriage, access to birth control, control over reproductive rights, wage gap, are all things women continue to rally around as they strive for gender equality.

Perhaps you’re not planning in doing something revolutionary, but still want to do something in your own way? Here are a couple of ideas for you:


1. Stay up to date on the issues.
There are people who might be skeptical that in 2016 gender inequality even still exists.  And, to make sure you are ready to debate these people if you happen to encounter them at a dinner party, you’ve gotta be prepared. Check out the links below to some of our favorite feminist resources:

The Lenny Letter
Ms. Magazine Blog

2.  Join Your Community.
Find out what’s going on in your community and take part in the fun!  Common celebrations include community marches, local rallies, or conferences for women to come together and collectively act toward equality.  Other non-traditional events we’ve seen popping up this year are Girls In Tech – Taiwan, All Girl Pub Crawls, just to name a few!


3.  Organize a Ladies Night!
Whether you do an all-girl pub crawl, or just invite some female friends over for wine, this is a great chance to connect and network with other women!

4.  Get Inspired.
There is nothing like a well-written article or book you to influence your feminist motivations. The following are a couple of our favorite pieces that get us fired up about being a woman!
-Ashley Ford – Shame of Sexual Assault.
=Buzzfeed – Women Talk Openly About Bodies
-Sophia Amuroso – Girl Boss


5.  Treat Yourself!
Buy something special for yourself while having a positive impact on women in the world.  We highly recommend our very own SHEVA boots or the more affordable Muerta Tee,  2 products with a purpose that directly support efforts to empower women and girls.  We also really like 31 Bits – recycled jewelry made by women in Uganda.  As well as, Gaia for Women – a Dallas based company working with resettled refugee women from around the world.  With products like these, it’s hard to find a reason not to shop!!