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Street Style: Kamille

Fashion I got the chance to see my dear friend Kamille over the weekend.

Photoshoot al Cementario


The cemetery might sound like a dismal place for a photoshoot, but Guatemalan cemeteries aren't your stereotypical gloomy graveyards.  The resting place here is a pleasant one, reminiscent of a park–somewhere you'd want to have a picnic or…

More Than Just A Boot Company


As I have been trying to get Uxibal off the ground over the last few months, I have had a difficult time figuring out how I should explain to people what our company is all about: do i…

Spotlight: Tribal Headband


write my essay cheap Did you know that cats don't like to wear headbands? I found this out the hard way. Pass it on.

Spotlight: Nativa Oversized Scarf


Is there anything better than a good scarf? I love them! Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer, they are always in season. A scarf is a classy accessory to style almost any outfit, just ask Garance Doré. Not only are scarves stylish, they are also useful. You can use them to wrap up your hair, make a boring outfit fun, or to cover up that massive hickey on your neck! (you know who you are) So, it should come as no surprise that in Uxibal’s debut collection of accessories we included a scarf. A really BIG one!!



Did you hear the good news? Uxibal is releasing its debut collection of boots and accessories. To kick off our premiere we’re giving away free stuff! TO YOU!!! The prize?? Uxibal’s signature Raya Short Boots!