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Category - DIY

DIY: Leather Shoe Care

DIY, Fashion

Just another reason to love coconut oil – it functions as a leather shoe conditioner! We’ve had a lot of customers inquiring about leather boot care, so we compiled this guide for you, with the primary tool being…

Our First Weaving Workshop!

DIY, Feature

Hey folks. For those that weren’t able to attend our weaving workshop with Thread Caravan last week: it was amazing and we will definitely be hosting similar events in the future!  To recap, we had 10 lovely ladies from…

UXIBAL x Thread Caravan present: Weaving Workshop in Antigua!

DIY, Feature

Ever wonder what Uxibal does with all of our scrap textiles and leathers? We save them of course! To be put to use for whatever creative projects that might pop up.  In collaboration with new art-tourism company, Thread…

Uxibal DIY: Ladder Shelf Shoe Display


The Uxibal storefront kind of happened by accident.  When we first moved into our new space in Antigua, we had enough room for the workshop and a small office.  I didn’t even really think of opening a store. …

Natural Beauty DIY: Homemade Dry Shampoo


Most of you have probably heard of the “no poo” trend, the one where you don’t wash your hair. As much as I wish I could jump on board, one of the things I hate most is having…

Natural Beauty DIY: Coffee Body Scrub


So a few weeks ago, I decided to treat myself to a relaxing massage. I went to a little spa that just opened up down the road from my apartment. The place was great, and my masseuse was…

DIY Flower Crown


Flower crowns are the ultimate flower child accessory!  Trying to capture that hippie essence in our recent Summer lookbook, I made a flower crown from scratch for our model Xime to wear. The crown could not have turned…

DIY: Pressed Flower Notecards


essay help online This is such an easy and fun project! You will need flowers, cards, glue (Elmer's or equivalent), cinder blocks or bricks, and two pieces of lightweight wood.

How to have a Dinner Party Fundraiser!

DIY, Food

wrap yourself slim body wraps exposed This year we had a NYE Tasting Dinner at our house to raise money for a school that I volunteer with. I read about this idea last year in a magazine and…

Mayan Facial


Last weekend we went to visit Lake Atitlan over Christmas. A beautiful lake here in Guatemala surrounded by a bunch of little villages. It was in the holistic village of San Marcos that I received the most relaxing…