I was inspired this year to create a classy yet simple tree. The only ornaments I used were these sparkly pinecones that I made myself in just a few steps. Our tree turned out even more beautiful than expected with these gold beauties!

What you'll need:

  • 30 pinecones
  • 1 can gold spray paint (or any sparkly color you fancy)
  • 30 screw hooks
  • Wire or 30 Christmas Tree hooks
  • Newspaper

 Step 1: Stack pinecones close together on newspaper to get more bang from your paint. 

Step 2: Spray pinecones, dry, rearrange, and then spray a second coat.

Step 3: When cones are dry, screw hooks into the strongest part of the top.

Step 4: Add wire hooks to attach to your tree.

Step 5: Arrange and Enjoy!

 Tip: I used a traditional Mayan skirt for my tree this year. You could use one of your own!

What does your tree look like? Email me photos! kamille@uxibal.com. Maybe your tree will be featured soon!