I want to tell you about the limited edition flor short boot before it's too late!  There are only 5 of these boots being made for our kickstarter launch (going on right now) and we've already sold 2 pairs–leaving only  3 more for the taking.  They are going quick!!!

If you are like me and covet artisan and handcrafted creations, you will LOVE the flor short boot! Besides being one of only 5 boots in existence, they are also are handcrafted from start to finish, combining genuine, locally-sourced leather  with an elaborate handwoven floral print textile.   The fabric alone takes over a month to weave! 

Beyond the impressive creation of the flor short boot, they are soooo comfortable and look great with almost any outfit.  I like to wear the boots with just a simple jeans + a t-shirt.  They are a fun accessory that adds just the right pop of color to your outfit!

To see a close up of the boots and more on how I like to style them, watch the video below.

If you like these boots and want a pair for yourself, don't wait until it's too late…Go get them now on kickstarter!