What is it about gold that makes me want to shout Feliz Navidad! Ay, ay, ay! (sorry, habit). But really, it is such a festive metal!! And this holiday season I am all about it: Gold eyeshadow? Yes, please. Gold glitter nail polish? You betchya! Gold scarf, gold boots, gold earrings – yes, yes, yes!!

I love too that the Raya short boot is embellished with gold threads to match all of my gold accessories this season.

These earrings are a little late for día de los muertos, but there's always next year…

I love this MEOW bracelet by BCBG generation – simple leather strap with big gold letters. For the non cat lovers, they also have ones that say LOVE and CRAY (crazy?) and a bunch more. I love the way the strap looks on the boots too! I feel some design inspiration coming on – removable boot strap/bracelet anyone?

This is my sister's 'glam rock' manicure and my inspiration to stop biting my nails. New Year's resolution perhaps?

See how despicably short mine are?  But I still love my goldy nail!

So what are you waiting for!?  Drink your egg nog, light your menorah,  cover yourself in glitter + gold and let's celebrate!  L'chaim!!