Attention textile + travel lovers! Our friends at Thread Caravan have an upcoming weaving workshop in Guatemala and we think you might like what they’re planning.

thread caravan weaving workshop guatemala by karim iliya 2

Thread Caravan hosts artisan adventures around the world in an effort to preserve cultural art forms and better connect travelers to the place they’re traveling. During their next trip to Guatemala this July 17-24, they’ll be heading to Lake Atitlan and the surrounding villages where travelers will learn the process of natural dyeing, spinning and backstrap weaving.

During the backstrap weaving portion of the trip, travelers will work one-on-one with an indigenous Guatemalan artisan to create a weaving of their very own. After the time at Lake Atitlan, travelers will head to Antigua, Guatemala (where the Uxibal shop is located) to experience the charming beauty of the colonial town, hike a volcano or visit Mayan ruins.  

Many of our customers learn about Uxibal just by stumbling upon our shop on the cobblestone streets of Antigua. If you’re one of those customers, you already know the beauty of Guatemala. Come experience the country in a more intimate way – connecting with local artisans and fellow travelers with an interest in culture and art.

thread caravan backstrap weaving guatemala by karim iliya

And if you haven’t been to Guatemala and just know about Uxibal from our website or Instagram, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to come get to see the country in a unique way!

Thread Caravan Cultural Weaving Workshop Guatemala by Karim Iliya

Questions? Ready to book? Hop over to the Thread Caravan website or email

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