Everything we produce at Uxibal is handmade from start to finish, one piece at a time.  We combine excellent craftsmanship with high-quality materials to create our unique brand of artisan luxury.  Through our handmade process we are able to focus on attention to detail and design, while carefully crafting our collection.  At the same time we are able to provide jobs to talented and deserving individuals and promote economic growth in the developing world.. ‘Handmade with amor’ is the official mantra that defines our work because of all the time and love that goes into creating everything that we produce. We are dedicated to expanding the handmade model and will continue to utilize the same handmade practices as we  grow our company.


Through handmade processes and time-honored techniques we are creating superior quality boots & accessories that are built to last.  We work with artisan-crafted leather, sustainably produced and sourced locally by small-scale leathersmiths in Guatemala.  We incorporate textiles that are handwoven by Mayan women, one thread at a time. The women use the same traditional methods their ancestors have employed for centuries—an elaborate process that can take several months to complete one piece.  Our boot-makers then transform the materials into Uxibal designs in our small artisan workshop in Antigua, Guatemala.  All of our boots are soled with leather through an intensive hand-welted construction.  The hand-welted sole, although time-consuming, ensures a durable boot that can be re-worked time and time again, making our boots built to last a lifetime.