As a way to maximize job creation for the artisans we work with, we incorporate handmade elements into all of our designs. The handwoven fabrics we use are made by indigenous Mayan women living in rural areas of Guatemala, a unique tradition that has been passed down to them from their mother and grandmothers before. These women are often lacking the opportunities to find meaningful, well-paying work in their villages and our designs provide them with an income they can earn from home. Additionally, each and every one of our shoes are handmade from start-to-finish by traditional shoemakers in our ethical shoe-factory. Our handmade model allows us to create as many jobs for artisans as possible, while also providing high-quality, ethically designed shoes that our customers can feel good about wearing.

We focus specifically on creating economic opportunities for women by incorporating handwoven or embroidered elements into our designs. The women we work with possess highly intricate skills, but often lack the access to markets for which to sell their goods. Our goal is to showcase the fabrics made by these women as a way to provide the weavers with a steady income, working from home, as well as, sharing these unique textiles with our customers.