This August will mark a year of being in our new Antigua tienda location. In addition to providing a great showroom space for our products, we’ve also chosen a select group of other brands with products handmade in Guatemala to offer our customers in the tienda.

One brand we think works particularly well with our Uxibal shoes and bags is Ixchel Textures clothing. Ixchel was started by Italian designer Federica Pavone. Inspired by her love of natural dyes and the textures of Guatemala, Federica decided to partner with local artisans to create a collection that embodies the spirit of Guatemala in a modern way.

Estrella-Kimono Long-Coco-03


Ixchel is the Mayan goddess of weaving and fertility, which is fitting because many indigenous backstrap weavers believe the backstrap loom is a symbol of fertility –  a metaphorical umbilical cord, coming from the woman’s body and giving new life.

Federica works directly with indigenous Guatemala weavers to weave each fabric on backstrap or footloom. Once the fabric is woven, she works with a seamstress who puts the piece together. Then, with select pieces, Fede uses natural plant dyes to color the fabrics.

If you’ve been to our Antigua tienda in the past few months, you will have seen a collection of Ixchel pieces in the shop. For all of you not living in Antigua, you can now also purchase Ixchel pieces online on our website!

ixchel crochet and uxibal trenza

Products featured in this post (in the order that they appear):


Estrella Kimono (Coconut)

Estrella Kimono (Light Blue)

Gaza Tunic (Turmeric)

Embroidered Huipil

Estrella Kimono (Jade)

Estrella Kimono (Short Black)

Crochet Tunic (Crema)


Dos Tonos Ankle Boots

Suede Fringe Clogs

San Juan Fringe Clogs (Tierra)

San Juan Bootie

Suede Fringe Clogs (Negro)

Trenza Cut-Out Boots (Grey)

Trenza Cut-Out Boots (Cafe)