Since finishing our kickstarter campaign (successfully!  woot woot) life has been CRAZY!  We have boot orders to fill and only 6 weeks to do it!  The first thing on the list?  Start weaving.

I met with Doña Lidia last Friday to see how she was coming along on the material for the Comalapa tall boot.  She is a remarkable woman.  She has been weaving since she was 8-years-old and does it with such an ease that you would never realize what a complicated difficult task she is carrying out.  Her house has been converted into a workshop with about 8 medium and large sized looms.     Most of the weaving Lidia does herself, however when she gets bigger orders she hires other women to weave with her – a great economic opportunity for the women in her town.

The material gets created one line of thread at a time from start to finish.  For just one pair of tall boots it takes about a day to produce the material – not to mention all of the years spent perfecting this ancient Mayan process.

 Check out this video to see real footage of how the weaving is done.