Up until recently, we at Uxibal have been having ourselves a shoe-box dilemma.  It has been impossible for us to find the perfect box that meets our standards of production—locally made in Guatemala, high-quality, sustainable materials, and handmade!  But then, we started to think outside of the box altogether…image

Introducing shoe bags!  Our bags are made of 100% recycled cortes, traditional Mayan skirts, worn and made by indigenous women in Guatemala.  The skirts are these big pieces of fabric that come in  all sorts of different prints and colors—depending on what region in Guatemala they were made.  We buy the cortes directly from the women who once wore the skirts, clean them, and then bring them to our workshop and convert them into the reusable bags.


Not only are these reusable bags super high-quality and locally made, they’re also helping us in our mission to empower women in Guatemala.  We buy the fabrics at a high market price and give the women selling us the fabrics an extra source of income for the old skirts sitting in their closets.  Plus, the light-weight bags and reduced packaging allows us to reduce our impact environmentally.  Win-win!

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