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Products with a Purpose

Guatemala is a traditionally male-dominated culture and for women, especially those of indigenous Mayan descent, daily life is a struggle. Limited access to education, marriage at a young age, and high birth rates are all contributing factors to women’s disadvantaged position in this rural Central American country. On top of this, domestic violence, sexual assault, rape and frequent cases of kidnapping and murder, make Guatemala the most dangerous country for women in all of Latin America, according to the Guatemalan Human Rights Campaign.


Uxibal is attempting to change this cycle. By giving these women financial security, they have the power to control their lives and leave their abusive husband, send their daughters to school, or afford contraceptives. We are creating a market-driven solution to improve the quality of life for women. through the non-traditional method of fashion.  We will continue to expand the social element of our model so that as we grow we are impacting even more women in Guatemala and creating a sustainable environment that is really making a difference.