Is there anything better than a good scarf?  I love them!  Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer, they are always in season.  A scarf is a classy accessory to style almost any outfit, just ask Garance Doré.  Not only are scarves stylish, they are also useful.  You can use them to wrap up your hair, make a boring outfit fun, or to cover up that massive hickey on your neck! (you know who you are) So, it should come as no surprise that in Uxibal's debut collection of accessories we included a scarf.  A really BIG one!!

The nativa oversized scarf is the handwoven gem of our collection.  Although all of our products are handcrafted, this scarf especially stands out for its exciting visuals and traditional ikat prints.  Each scarf is unique in it's creation–carried out by a network of Mayan women, they grow the cotton themselves, spin it by hand to create threads, dye the threads, then weave them by hand to create the scarf.  A process that has been passed down to the women by their mothers and grandmothers before them, they are using the same practice they have done for centuries.  On average, each scarf takes about 3 weeks to complete.

I could continue to tell you about how great this scarf really is, but I'd rather just show you.  Below is the first video in Uxibal's 'how to wear' series. You get a close-up preview of the scarf and learn the different ways of how I like to style my own nativa oversized scarf.  Enjoy!