Did you know that cats don't like to wear headbands? I found this out the hard way. Pass it on.
Contrary to my cat, I LOVE to wear headbands! I'm talkin' every-day-of-the-week kind of LOVE to wear headbands. Sometimes I wear 2 or 3 different headbands in a day. I know headbands{period} Let me share with you my latest headband obsession.

Uxibal's Tribal Headband is the perfect hair accessory. The colors are stunning–a vibrant combination of red, yellow, blue, green, purple and white, woven together to create the most unique tribal patterns. This headband gives just the right pop to any outfit and looks good on every hair color. More impressive still is the craftsmanship that goes into the creation of each headband. Like all of our products, the tribal headband is handmade from start to finish using the finest threads and with an extraordinary attention to detail. A piece of high quality artisan craftsmanship for a steal of only $25.

Watch this video to see how I like to style it…and how i figured out that cats don't wear headbands.