I got the chance to see my dear friend Kamille over the weekend.

We met up in the charming colonial town of Antigua, where she lives.  Like me, she originally came to Guatemala with the Peace Corps and decided to stay after finishing.  Now she is living and working here, and enjoying a good little expat lifestyle.

Kamille was one of the original people to see the potential of my modest boot making business and bought the very first pair of tall boots I ever sold!  I asked her if she would do a photo shoot showing us how she likes to wear her Comalapa Tall Boot and–to my great pleasure–she agreed!

We had a lovely afternoon roaming the cobblestone streets, taking pictures and catching up.  Not only did Kamille model these boots likeItWasHerJOB, she also proved to be a great walking advertisement.  There were at least 10 different people that asked us where the boots were from, including one girl who chased us down the street to inquire (note to self:  buy business cards!).


We finished up the shoot at Tobacosyvinos, where we might have indulged in a daytime glass of wine or two (what?…it was Friday!)

Did you see I am rocking the flor short boot here too?

To see more pics of the Comalapa Tall Boot and how you can purchase them, go to our newly remodeled kickstarter page.

Happy Monday!