DIY ladder shelf final

The Uxibal storefront kind of happened by accident.  When we first moved into our new space in Antigua, we had enough room for the workshop and a small office.  I didn’t even really think of opening a store.  However, as we started to produce more stuff, we were running out of space, so my office, slowly started filling up with brightly colored boots and bags (great for decorating).  But, at the time, I didn’t really budget for store decorations, and instead, just started finding any old pieces of wood (and whatever else I could find) to re-purpose and use as decorations.  It’s actually pretty amazing what you can put together with little-to-no-budget and limited time.  This ladder shoe display is the perfect example of that.
What You Need:
-Wooden Ladder (the shabbier the better)
-3-4 wooden crates (painted optional)-Nails and Hammer
-Paint (optional)
-Branches (optional)

DIY ladder shelf cratesI had 3 wooden crates lying around, none of which are in good enough shape to actually haul things in.  Two of the crates I painted with some extra turquoise paint I had and the other I liked in it’s raw state for contrast…

DIY ladder shelf sticks

I also used these branches (spray painted gold) to wedge into the crates and use as hanging space…

DIY ladder shelf nail
Secure the crates with just a nail or two underneath, or in between pallets.  It doesn’t have to be super secure if you’re not going to be placing heavy things on it, but you also don’t want crates falling on peoples heads…

DIY ladder shelf 3 photosThen, I just stacked each crate one-by-one onto the ladder…photo(57)

And the final result is this great little shoe display!  It takes up almost no space because it goes straight up and makes for a great focal point in the back of our shop.  Even you non-crafty peeps can manage to do this project, it’s so easy!!  I actually love this display so much that I did another ladder shoe rack for my own room!  Happy DIY-ing!!